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Life saving aid to
more than 2 million people

Being one of the world’s leading humanitarian organizations the Red Cross gets access to people and places that are hard to reach otherwise. Thanks to volunteers in 190 countries we can get help through - even in the midst of war.

By supporting this year’s fundraising you help us get clean water, food and medicines through to the most vulnerable amongst us: People that live in areas of war and conflict. This year we are focusing on 9 countries, amongst them Syria, Afghanistan and South-Sudan.

Together we can get help through.

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About Geist

Discover Advertising’s Future

Geist is home to spirited, video obsessed, disruptive thinkers. Game-changers who know how to tell stories that evoke emotion. Together, we uphold our healthy disregard for traditional advertising and move towards a new era of neuroscientific brand experiences.

Geist doesn’t believe in “ordinary”, or in “everyday routine”. If you want your content to stand out, drive action and earn attention, then it’s on all of us to move the needle and abolish advertising as we know it. Geist has the strategic and creative skills to elevate your brand and have it stand above the noise. Brands need to tell stories, inspire ideas and speak to audience’s heads as well as their hearts.

Our goal is not the conquest of advertising awards, but creating content that moves. We’re a small core team working with the industry’s best. Trust us to tell your story and trigger action.



Explore Neurocontent

Using the power of science and psychology we can increase sales and unlock your consumer’s purchasing decisions.

Ads with the best emotional response generate a 23% lift in sales. Through neuroscientific methodologies we can pinpoint what is (and isn’t) resonating with your consumers. 95% of consumer’s decision-making process is based on subconscious stimuli so we need to do more than just measure effects. During our creative process we use neuroscience to measure emotional reactions, biometrics and analyse human subconscious to enhance your consumer-brand experience. Market research is nothing new, but we can create compelling and effective content that will help you build deep, lasting connections with your audience.


We can help you get noticed with enriching and entertaining Brand Films.

The days of boring repetitive collateral are over; today, it’s about creating entertaining and enriching content that doesn’t bombard your consumer. From strategy to creative concept, production to distribution, we’ll bring your brand to life through compelling storytelling.​ ​ Content imprints on the cortex when it touches the heart. Using cutting edge neuroscience we’ll help you craft an emotive brand story to increase memory retention and elevate your brand from the noise.

Explainer video

We can help give your consumers & clients all the info they need in under 3 minutes

Video is by far the fastest growing marketing tactic in use today because it informs and persuades better than any other media type. We have the expertise to give your innovative ideas a memorable story and explanation. An Explainer Video isn’t just an extension of your brand, but holds the ability to serve as a powerful sales and marketing tool. Let us show your audience how your offering can enhance their lives.


We can help you share what you believe, not just what you do.

Virtually all purchase decisions are emotional decisions.​ ​ If you want your audience to watch and remember your message, it’s important to connect with them on an emotional level. Whether you’re reaching out to internal staff, stakeholders, or consumers, our team has the creative and strategic skills to optimise your brand image through emotive storytelling. Let us captivate and retain your audience’s attention through a memorable and well-crafted Corporate Video that has the power to convert leads to sales.


We can help you enhance your value proposition through case studies.

Why just explain how your product works when you can actually show people using and benefiting from that product? Let us help you highlight your brand’s success, share your insights and add credibility to the work you do. Our innovative use of advanced data technologies allows us to craft compelling case study videos that can influence consumer’s choices.


We can help you take your audience from novice to expert using video.

Searches of ‘how-to’ videos are growing by 70% each year on YouTube. We can help you break boundaries of your reach with timeless how-to videos that can be accessed and revisited from anywhere in the world, anytime. Whether you’re looking to teach your clients and audiences new skills or train your staff, our innovative data technologies can help you educate your audience through the most engaging medium.


We can help enhance your annual reports with moving video content.

Why spend hours choosing between expensive paper stocks and printing techniques when 59% of stakeholders would rather watch video? Allow us to reimagine your annual reports and help you highlight key statistics and benefits while shifting towards digital. Let us not only entertain but also inform your shareholders with engaging and dynamic Annual Reports.


We can help you secure sales by crafting a consistent sales rep that never sleeps.

Consumers are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Using neuroscience, we can create videos to drive conversion rates and increase sales. Not only are videos preferred and even expected by your customers, they’re also effective making that conversion. Unlike a typical sales pitch, we’ll use video to perfectly sum up your optimised message and communicate your offering in an easy-to-digest way.


We can help you drive your audience to attend future events.

From excellent editing to creative storytelling, After Movies exemplify the beauty of event culture. They allow your audience relive their favourite moments, time and time again. Whether a staff party or a brand launch, we can help you create engaging videos that live on social media and encourage your audience to tag, share and interact long after they attend.


We can increase click through rates by 300% with video in email.

Only your loyal consumers will click subscribe, so it’s important to offer valuable information that rewards and engages your audience. We can help you captivate and retain your audience within 8 seconds. Whether a moving graphic or an engaging video, our team has the creative and strategic skills to optimise your message through storytelling. You aren’t a spam bank, so send your audience memorable content they will want to see.


We’ll help you to extend your budget beyond a once-off TV ad.

With up to 30 million visitors daily, this is the age of the YouTuber. Web series are a highly engaging, yet subtle approach to advertising your brand. These short-form episodes produced on a continual basis are cost effective and offer your audience an on-going reason to return. We can help you create a formula to tailor episodes that suit your brand story and give your content a longer shelf-life.


We can help you successfully differentiate yourself in your market.

From video testimonials to on-screen interviews, a Speaker Reel is an easily digestible way to highlight what and how you deliver. In a world where the alternative is just one click away, it’s important to have an authentic and distinct content style. We can help you create engaging videos that live online and brilliantly showcase the professional skills you have to offer.